The 20th World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM) will be held in Toronto, Canada from June 20-23, 2010.  This event is regarded as the premier annual conference to attend if you want to hear all of the major global issues common to every aspect of disaster and/or emergency management.  Currently the management of this WCDM Summit Series Conference is soliciting writers and abstracts for consideration to be presented and discussed at this conference.

This call for papers requires that all abstracts be submitted by December 6, 2009 and should fit into one of the following six (6) main topic areas:  (1) Real Events / Lessons Learned, (2) Emerging Trends in Disaster Management, (3) The Human Element in Disaster Management, (4) Technical Issues/Threats, (5) Disaster Management Principles & Practices and (6) Research and Development.

Perhaps there are individuals within your organization, who are charged with responsibilities regarding disaster management, and, who would like to submit their thoughts in writing  regarding related subjects such as:  Community Emergency Response Programs, Emergency Risk Management, Crisis Communications, Emergency Site Management, Evacuation Planning, Trauma Risk Management, Organizational and Community Resilience, Exercise and Training Programs, Personal Preparedness & Pandemic Planning, Cyber & Electronic Data Security, or Virtualization and Cloud Computing as related to your company’s Disaster Recovery capabilities.

To get more information and details about this important conference and to view all of the  abstract submission requirements :  Click Here.

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