For those managers and members of business continuity and risk management teams always ready to stay up to date on recent developments and discussions that could support their efforts to convince upper management to fund and promote the benefits of having an effective business continuity plan in place and tested in their organization, we offer an article recently written by one of this websites often quoted writers on this topic. 

This article, written by Linda Tucci, and posted on the website, recognizes a potential positive role that FEMA’s PS-Prep program may have in helping American businesses better understand what the U.S. government expects of them in the event of man-made or natural disasters.   The article also includes some relevant observations from business continuity professionals who express their opinions on this very controversial topic.

Click here to read more and arrive at your own answer to the question presented in the title of this article, “Will Private Sector Preparedness Plans Spur Business Continuity Action?”

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