If you have ever heard of TOGAF, you have probably wondered just what is TOGAF and how it can benefit you? That question is understandable because it is possible to get a varied range of information on what is TOGAF, information that can be confusing to understand. That’s why we’ve created this simple article to help streamline your understanding.

Anyone who has ever asked “what is TOGAF?” and found the answer confusing should read this article. We will discuss the elements of this system, who can use it, what type of architecture it helps design, and even offer tips on its use. By the time you are done reading this article, you will have a much better understanding of this complex issue.

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What Is TOGAF?

TOGAF is what is known as an architectural framework. It is an acronym that stands for “Open Group Architectural Framework.” Its main purposes are to help create a technological architecture that works for a broad range of businesses. Since 1995, it has expanded to become one of the most used methods of architectural design in the marketplace. In fact, 80 percent of Global 50 companies use it.

At its core, it provides you with the ability to design, plan, implement, and govern all your technological architectures. The main advantage of this system is that it uses a modular system. As a result, you can create your modules, swap them with other ones, and create and improve a framework that suits your needs. Other benefits include streamlined use and excellent customer support.

Who Uses TOGAF?

When answering “what is TOGAF?” it is important to know who uses it and how it can be beneficial for your business. First of all, this system is free to use for non-commercial use. As a result, anybody who plans to use it can develop system architecture quickly and efficiently for their businesses. However, those organizations that want to make a profit out of it need to buy a commercial license.

It is also possible to purchase a variety of components and services that expand its use. Typically, the IT section of a company will use this system to create a simple technological tree. This structure is easy to understand and suited for their business.

The types of companies that use TOGAF vary from tech design groups all the way to lawyer firms. That makes it a useful concept for a broad range of people and organizations to utilize.

How to Implement TOGAF

The most important part of answering “what is TOGAF?” and successfully using it for your business is understanding the ADM Cycle. This acronym stands for Architecture Development Method. Using this method requires stepping through various phases of development, including developing an architecture vision and managing it as needed.

Before struggling with ADM, though, you need to download TOGAF online. Purchase a license if you are using it for your business, and you’ll have access to all updates and upgrades. Next, install the system on a computer that will help manage your architectural framework. Then, make sure you are hooked to a network so that it can be used over your entire business system.

Now, you can start implementing modules and designing your own to create architecture that will meet the needs of your business. For example, you may want to connect everything through an intraweb connection that unites all of your computers. However, you may also want to add modules for automatic information cycling.

The best part about TOGAF is that it is adaptable enough for many types of uses. That said, you may need to experiment a little before you get the hang of it. Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes as you go to ensure you understand the proper operation methods.

 Four Steps to Mastering TOGAF

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While knowing what is TOGAF can require a little bit of work and outside research, there are several ways you can streamline its operation. The following tips are designed to help you master TOGAF and successfully use it in your business.

1. Understand the Types of Architecture It Utilizes

TOGAF works in creating business, data, information, application, and technology architecture. This diversity means that you can use it to control your data storage needs or to control your application operation. As a result, it can be an inclusive platform for all your IT needs.

2. Understanding the Elements of Design

The six elements of design for TOGAF include architecture capability, ADM, guidelines and techniques, reference models, enterprise continuum and tools, and the architecture content framework. Make sure you fully research these concepts so that you can implement them properly.

3. Practice Your Certification

While you don’t need to be certified to practice TOGAF, it is a useful process. During your preparation, you will have to read guidebooks, practice TOGAF in real-world situations, and create frameworks in multiple ways. As a result, you will become a TOGAF master that can help create a unified architecture for your business needs.

4. Experiment with Architecture Types

There are several different concepts that you need to master before turning to TOGAF design. The metamodel, capability, landscape, information base, and reference library are all useful concepts. Each gives you control over different aspects of your architecture and help create a more unified and coherent system.

Final Word

By now, you should have a pretty good answer to the question “what is TOGAF?” and are probably ready to start implementing it in your business. As you can see, it is a handy way of creating a simple architecture for your technology integration. This implementation will streamline your operation and make it more beneficial to your business.

Do you have any more questions about TOGAF or some tips that you want to share with our readers? Then please comment below or share this article on your social media sites. Helping more people understand what is TOGAF can increase its benefits and help more people use it successfully.

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