Many crisis management and emergency response team members in organizations and communities throughout the United States and the world are learning to involve and include the internet and in particular –Twitter resources – into their disaster preparedness, PS-Prep, and global business continuity plans.

In the recent turmoil engulfing Egypt, we are shown some twitter resilience capabilities in keeping communication channels open even during the most challenging moments facing the survival of both organizations and countries.

In a recent article written by Paula Martersteck, managing editor for the website, we learn more about the ways and means that Twitter users get new resources –even when Egyptian ISP goes dark.

We believe the information in this article is relevant to and should be passed along to those emergency and crisis management, disaster recovery and preparedness, and PS-Prep compliance planning team members in your organization.

Click here to read Paula Martersteck’s article, and, don’t forget to view some of the relevant links on this important topic that are written into this article.

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