Security and personal privacy on the Internet are hot topics. The world has experienced everything, from hacked elections to robotic systems taking over social media accounts. Companies, many that you might expect to have the most rigid security safeguards, proved to be vulnerable to hackers.

Cyber criminals never sleep. Therefore, keeping up with the trends in cyber security is critical. The idea of identity theft pales in comparison to an entire company or government being hijacked by a cyber assault. The year of 2018 will certainly produce new trends in cyber security to combat these potentially devastating attacks.

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Biggest Trends in Cyber Security in 2018

Cyber security has dominated the international news for the last 12 months. There has been an increase in the size and frequency of threats. To address these threats, new trends are being developed to improve cyber security. Here are the 5 biggest trends that will define the rest of 2018.

1. Data Breach Management

Data is a useful part of business operations. However, streaming information is a key reason for cyber hacks. Protecting data is the number one priority, but handling a data breach after-the-fact is equally important.

One of the biggest trends in cyber security will be the efficient manner in which breaches are subsequently managed. Mechanisms for preventing a breach are being improved. Therefore, the methods and practices for dealing with a post-breach are a new trend.

The tendency was to hide, ignore or blame a breach on someone or something else. Experts reveal that the best policy is to be honest about every aspect of a breach.

If you have implemented sound security practices, finding, fixing, and preventing future breaches is always the ultimate goal. However, managing a data breach efficiently is one of the newest and most critical trends in cyber security.

The difference between successful breach management and poor handling of the event could be a substantial loss of customers or business. Since cyber criminals seem to thrive on data, the way you manage a data breach is an important trend in cyber security.

2. Cyber Security Jobs

With some research pointing to a shortage of cyber security experts reaching over two-million, jobs in the field will be readily available. The financial markets are the most vulnerable. Therefore, cyber security experts with a financial background are in high demand.

However, there are threats to industrial businesses and retail ventures. Skilled cyber security professionals are going to be needed in dozens of areas. School security is now facing new challenges and governments are a steady target for hackers.

As our world ventures further into technology, new vulnerabilities will be exposed. For 2018 and beyond, one prominent trend in cyber security will be the steady rise in cyber job opportunities. Since the knowledge and skills will remain constant, expect the pay for cyber security professionals also to increase.

3. The “ARMS” Race

Machine learning is the new wave in cyberspace. As adversarial robotic machine systems perfect operations, there will be an increased prevalence of zero-day vulnerabilities. It will take more than just a good series of detection mechanisms.

To prevent vulnerabilities from exploitation by these adversarial cyber attackers, companies will need to employ defenses. If the adversarial component of cyber security employs machine learning into their models, they will essentially be able to uncover vulnerable points faster than they can be patched.

Defense mechanisms will have no choice but to perfect their own machine learning. Defense measures against “ARMS” will be necessary to combat what could be potentially incessant attacks. Consequently, battling against automated and robotic cyber attacks will be another of the 2018 trends in cyber security.

4. The Cyber-Connected Home

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Protecting yourself on computers and mobile devices has been a primary security focus for years. However, new apps and surveillance capabilities will essentially open your home up to cyber criminals. The connected home will be a new target for cyber criminals to exploit.

Massive campaigns are already being prepared to take advantage of the various ways to connect to the home. Of course, there will be regulations and stiff penalties for corporations who violate written privacy laws, but what about the cyber criminals?

Vulnerabilities that no one could have imagined have been taken advantage of. As a result, it would be naive to expect an open portal to your home not to be a high-priority target.

Therefore, smart homes will be one of the biggest trends in cyber security for years to come. This will turn the secure fortress of your home into a potential target for cyber attacks.

5. Altering the True Democratic Process

Only in nations governed by the people’s vote can the democratic process be compromised. However, the wave of the future has clearly shown a propensity for attempts to alter the outcome of elections and even steal sensitive personal data.

As technological advances create computerized voting systems, the ability to hack these systems to produce divisive results will increase. One of the trends in cyber security will be the authentication of election results.

Online voting is obviously open to compromise, but actual electronic voting booths are also susceptible to attack. Cyber security professionals can frequently pinpoint to situations where online activity is suspicious.

However, there are reports that indicate hacking electronic voting machines could be a prime target for mischievous factions. Governments that shift more towards electronic voting will need to exercise increased caution against the results being altered by a cyber breach.

In Conclusion

From machine learning developed for artificial intelligence to home connectivity, the need for enhanced cyber security continues to explode. Financial institutions have taken extreme measures to protect customers. On the other hand, new technology has opened the door to your home as well.

On top of that, the integrity of elections could be at risk. It’s a given probability that data breaches and aspects of your cyber security could potentially be compromised. How these attacks are managed will be at the forefront of the trends in cyber security. In the end, these 5 trends in cyber security will describe the rest of 2018.

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