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Six Top Cyber Security Companies to Check out in 2017


Cyber security is an essential aspect of business protection because it keeps any company safe from the dangers of hacking. If you haven’t yet talked to one of the top cyber security companies in the nation, it is essential that you take the time to understand what they have to offer your business.

Our list will include the most successful and high-quality cyber security businesses available. Each of these top cyber security companies will provide your business with a comprehensive and high-quality level of protection. Don’t wait too long to get the benefits of these groups.

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The Six Top Cyber Security Companies for Your Business Needs

In each of our mini-reviews, you will learn about the success of each of our top cyber security companies. You will also get information regarding their services and its effectiveness. If there is a downside to a company, we won’t shy away from sharing it.

However, most of these companies have unblemished records of success. By following these suggestions, you should find a group that is capable of protecting your business from digital threats and providing you with critical cyber security.

1. Raytheon Company

Raytheon Company is the second largest of the top cyber security companies on our list. They have a value of about $51.81 billion and focus primarily on civil government and defense protection. As a result, they are specialized in companies that serve these unique needs and demands.

They also provide security programs as diverse as digital forensics, emergency incident response, and managed detection and response. The latter benefit is particularly effective as it ensures a living person manages your security threats as they happen. The one downside is that this company may not be appropriate for smaller businesses.

2. IBM Security

While IBM Security is number two on our list of the top cyber security companies, they are one of the most successful in the world. They are currently worth about $133.17 billion and have shares worth $142.90 a piece. They tap into the large capital of their parent company to create a cyber security system that is well worth your time.

Their services include security intelligence, access management, fraud protection, data security, and more. While they cost a little more to hire than other cyber security firms, they are more than worth the cost. That said, smaller businesses may need to look elsewhere to meet their cyber security needs because this company can be pricey for their limited budgets.

3. Cisco

Cisco is likely the most well-known and respected of all the top cyber security companies on our list. We put them at number three because they aren’t quite as great as our top two. However, they still provide a diverse array of products, including malware protection, high-quality firewall design, cloud security, VPN security clients, web security, network visibility management, router security, and even email security.

The reason they don’t quite top our list is that their suite of products can be hard to manage on your own. While it is always a great idea to have somebody controlling your cyber security on-site, their interface is not user-friendly and can be hard to control. Despite all these, it is more than worth your time if you are willing to master its difficulties.

4. CyberArk

Next on our list of the top cyber security companies is this relatively smaller company. Unlike the others so far on our list, it is only worth just over $1 billion. However, its services are already among the most effective on the market today. The major benefit of this company is that it focuses on actively attacking viruses and malware that may have been installed on a network.

Beyond this benefit, CyberArk has multiple types of security solutions, including encryption, endpoint security, mobile protection, threat analysis, privileges manager, SSH key manager, and an enterprise password vault. All of these systems are designed to keep hackers and other cybercriminals off of your network and the rest of your computer system.

5. Lockheed Martin


This Maryland-based cyber security company is one of the best and most respected in the world. They are particularly skilled at providing security for manufacturing and construction businesses. That’s because they created a security system for their airplane manufacturing. They are also heavily focused on researching better ways of stopping network and system invasion.

As a result, Lockheed Martin is an industry leader in creating new products, manufacturing them, and integrating them with older and potentially outdated computers. However, their systems are typically designed for higher-end businesses or those with generous budgets for digital security products. If you are a smaller company or one that is just starting out, it is best to consider another selection on our top cyber security companies list.

6. BAE Systems Cyber Securities & Intelligence 

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BAE Systems is on our list of the top cyber security companies due to its focus on global defense. They have created some of the most important and effective cyber security systems in the world. Their programs have helped to protect the aerospace industry, manage applied intelligence, defeat a variety of serious hacks and threat invasions, and protect a growing number of large companies from hackers.

They are mainly beneficial for those who are in any industry focused heavily on electronics. This group has created a name for themselves preventing industrial espionage in the aerospace industry but have also protected other at-risk industries. Anyone who works in this field should consider contacting them to get the help they need.

Final Thoughts

Which of these top cyber security companies appeals to you the most? The huge success of IBM Security makes it an appealing option for many people. However, others may prefer the malware protection offered by Cisco. Make sure to carefully consider each feature and benefit of your company before making a choice.

Do you have any experience working with these high-quality top cyber security companies? If you do, don’t hesitate to contact us today and tell us about it. With your help, business people like you can learn more about cyber security and get the protection they need to stay safe.

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