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In Antwerp, Belgium, from 21-23 November, supply chain leaders from multinational companies debated and shared their thoughts, experiences and predictions about their organization’s supply chain’s potential to create competitive advantage and improve the bottom line while also mitigating the risks surrounding supply chain management dynamics in our ever changing global village.

Some of the areas debated will affect many of our readers who face similar challenges wherever their organizations are located – and — those major categories of debate forecasted as critical trends for 2012 were as follows;

Supply chain resilienceDelegates predicted that materials re-use, reverse supply chains and bi-directional supply chains will be massively important in the future.

The supply chain CFOcompanies need to strengthen ties and build more empathy between departments about the day-to-day challenges.

Sales and Operations PlanningDelegates accepted the merits of implementing a formal S&OP process but do not yet trust forecasting accuracy.

SustainabilityWith the likelihood of more sustainability legislation on the horizon, people felt that now is the time to start planning

Horizontal collaborationMany felt this would happen out of necessity, when profit margins are squeezed and operational costs rise.

Gaining an edge in emerging markets — Delegates resoundingly agreed that “the biggest risk to a business [in an emerging market] is growth”.

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