Think your business is too small to be a target of hackers?  Logic seems to say, “Why would anyone bother to attack a tiny company with only a couple of servers and a handful of employees?”  Think again. 

In an article written by Minda Zetlin, and posted on Inc. Technology, recently, you can read all about the growing trend of hackers to attack small businesses that have smaller security budgets and weaker security in general than larger companies — and that makes them attractive to hackers.

In this article, you can read about “root kits”, “zero-day attacks”, and “botnet attacks”.  All of these present serious threats to small businesses and individuals.

Also, because of the higher success rate of attacks on smaller businesses, Ms. Zetlin also claims that organized crime is beginning to take advantage of these security vulnerabilities, co-ordinating and managing cyber-attacks, and tracking which campaigns are most effective.

Especially if your company is a smaller business, you should read this article for more details and information that can be passed along to your information security manager and become part of your security assessments process, network security policy and your IT security policy.

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