The American Red Cross is now offering a new, first-of-its-kind emergency readiness program.  The Red Cross Ready Rating Program is designed to help your business or organization become better prepared for emergencies, and to help reaffirm that your business continuity team is ready to: (1) ensure employees, clients and members are safe during emergencies, (2) minimize losses during an emergency, (3) maintain – and perhaps even improve – your company’s brand and reputation, and (4) better the overall community.

The ContinuityCompliance team of writers all agree that the information provided at will help your organization’s compliance and disaster recovery teams better answer the question, “What is business continuity?” and “Why is business continuity important to my organization?’ 

As comments received from our readers indicate — understanding the “what if” is hard to think about and often is not enough to get upper management’s support to allocate limited resource capabilites to the business continuity planning process.  Introduce this new Red Cross program to your BP or DR planning team now, and, we think you might now have that additional reason to gain the backing from your company’s executive managment group.

We suggest that business continuity consultants, who may be working for your organization, also visit this Red Cross website.

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