Lisa DuBrock, Contributing Editor

Now that the comment period on the three DHS proposed standards has closed, focus likely turns to the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and the development of an accreditation rule.  As a subset of that accreditation rule, qualifications are also most likely to be developed regarding the requirements for an individual to become a PS-Prep auditor.   

Early indications are that ANAB, on behalf of the PS-Prep Program, will require auditors to have knowledge of at least one, two or all of the three proposed standards as well as ISO (International Standards Organization) auditing techniques. 

As a support for these potential developments, it is somewhat expected that ANAB will release a Request for Proposal calling for the development of a series of detailed auditor training programs aligned with this accreditation ruling. The focus of these training programs would be to allow certified body/registrars (CBR’s) to educate their audit staff as to the best way to evaluate compliance with the DHS proposed standards; a key requirements for PS-Prep accreditation. 

It can also be a possiblity that CBRs can apply to be selectively accredited in one, two or all three of the DHS proposed standards. Following that approach, auditors similarly could specialize their training in one, two or all three standards, however; I beleive it is most likely that knowledge of ISO auditing techniques will be a pre-requisite in all cases. 

With this critical step seemingly underway, it appears that the PS-Prep program is gaining momentum and future announcements addressing other aspects of the program should be expected to follow soon.

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