This website has published articles in the past about how to become a Lead Auditor in the PS-Prep program.  We have also held a webinar on the subject in summer 2010.  We recently came across this posting from ANAB and it reminded us that “Buyer Beware” is as much a valid statement today as it was 6 months ago. 

The job market is tight and we know that many BCM practitioners are looking for a way to advance their careers.  However, at this point in time, there is no training class that has been approved which can certify you as a Lead Auditor in the PS-Prep program.  In fact ANAB goes on to state that any certifying body that wishes to apply to become part of the PS-Prep program….cannot employ anyone who has received a certification , if that certification was acquired prior to the class itself being approved.

If you really want to be a lead auditor….please don’t waste your money, wait until there is official training approved by ANAB available.

Click here to read the original ANAB announcement by Scott Richter, Director of Planning and Development for ANAB 

We at will update you when classes get approved so check back on a regular basis or subscribe to our RSS feed for further updates. 

If applicable, please pass this information along to those PS-Prep strategy planning and implementation team members in your organization.

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