ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012 is a management standard addressing the requirements of  quality of private security company operations.

The standard seeks to operationalize the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) within a formal structure familiar to businesses. That structure, with national and international supervision, provides audit-able procedures for the development of the standard, certification to it, and monitoring of ongoing compliance. This standard also incorporates elements of the Montreux Document.

As follow-up to an earlier posting on this website regarding this standard, and to several requests for more information regarding information and background on the ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012: Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations standard, our staff would like to direct our readers to an article recently posted by James Schmitt from the Human Analytics group.

As reported earlier, members of the Human Analytics group participate often as contributing writers to this website and with a rising interest in our readership of standard related activities and private security companies, Schmitt’s comments on this private security company (“PSC”) topic fit the bill.

In this posting, Schmitt presents answers to at least the following questions:

  1. What is PSC.1 and why was it developed?
  2. What is the purpose of PSC.1?
  3. How was PSC.1 developed?
  4. What are the industry drivers for PSC.1?
  5. Is PSC.1 applicable to my organization?
  6. How do PSC’s obtain PSC.1 certification?

CLICK HERE to read James Schmitt’s full article.


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