by Ben J. Carnevale

Recently, our staff has been researching developments related to efforts by both the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.K. Foreign Commonwealth Office to support the creation of a certifiable standard for private security operations.

This posting will try to address some of those developments and begin this website’s process to now include these activities as consideration and subject matter encompassed by this website’s   objective to keep our readers informed of all related continuity and compliance requirements affecting their companies where they work and their communities where they live.

As quoted from the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia, a private security company (“PSC”) is a for-profit enterprise, sometimes a corporation or a limited liability partnership, which provides armed and unarmed security services and expertise to private and public clients. As such, these private security companies are now being asked to become more aware of, and, in a growing number of situations to consider becoming compliant with or certified to a standard.  Many of the activities of these PRC’s can involve executive protection, provide bodyguard jobs and executive protection training activities.

Today, the most recognized certifiable standard related to private security companies might well be the ANSI/ASIS  PSC.1 -2012: Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations standard.

This PSC.1 standard enables contracted private security companies operating in complex environments to improve and demonstrate consistent quality of services within a framework that ensures respect for human rights and national and international laws, while also maintaining the safety and security of their operations and clients.

Along with these developments, there is an anticipated release of the ISO standard for Private Security Companies operating in high risk, complex areas (ISO 18788) targeted for later this year.

With all of this growing interest and focus on such PSC related standards and compliance to those standards, it is interesting to note a very recent press release announcing where two organizations have teamed up to provide their clients with a most comprehensive support for implementation of the ANSI/ASIS PSC.1 standard.

This press release is of particular importance because it involves the inputs of two contributing writers to our website ….Lisa DuBrock CPA, CBCP, MBCI, MBA– Managing Partner of Radian Compliance, LLC – is a fellow member of the committee responsible for drafting PSC.1 and serves on the ASIS International Standards and Guidelines Commission, and, Dr. Rebecca DeWinter-Schmitt  —Human Analytics  Senior Managing Director — who also participated in the committee responsible for drafting PSC.1 and has an expertise in mitigating human rights risks associated with operating in complex environments.

Our staff anticipates growing attention to these matters – and with the support of such individuals as DuBrock and DeWinter-Schmitt, we will keep our readers current with updates on all ongoing related developments to these standards.

If you believe that your organization can benefit from this kind of material, please pass this information along to those security management and business continuity plan team members in your organization.

Click Here to read the full press release.


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