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Personal Recovery Concepts’ Complete Solution:

A turnkey program that creates workforce resilience and supports standards compliance

Your business will face a crisis in any five-year period

Your business is likely to experience a major disruption from things like natural disasters, fire, power outages or illness of a key member within a five-year period. As many as 40% of businesses do not survive their first catastrophe.

Current and future customers who rely on you and your employees want to know you have a plan to survive disasters like these. And as standards evolve, they increasingly favor companies who can prove they have prepared.

Help your employees answer the two most important questions for a faster recovery from a crisis:


Is my family safe and secure?

Before an employee can be available to your business during an emergency, lessons learned in actual disasters prove they must be sure their family’s safely has been secured. The time it takes your employees to be available is among the largest drivers of escalating cost during business disruptions. By helping your employees secure their family and personal life first, you are equipping them to be available to your business faster and with more focus when you need them most.

What do I do?

For 70% of businesses who have developed robust business continuity and emergency response plans, only 25% have also accounted for human resiliency.

Co-dependencies or interdependencies are where organizations rely on one another for their common welfare and the welfare of the clients they service. Taken at a personal level, ‘Yes, but what do I do?’, the interdependencies are naturally identified. Paul is a broker for parts at place A and he routinely works with suppliers x,y and z. To answer, “Yes, but what do I do”, is a bottom-up approach to truly linking interdependencies. Systems and processes belong at the macro level. ‘Yes, but what do I do’ belongs at the micro level. The two come together to create an actionable, interdependent plan.

By helping your employees develop a personalized workplace emergency plan, your organization is able to communicate and connect macro-level emergency plans to each individual that works for you and thereby greatly increase the preparedness and effectiveness of your emergency response and recovery.


Continuity Compliance is pleased to present Personal Recovery Concepts’ turnkey workforce resiliency toolset: Personal Recovery PRO and the Interactive e-Workshop:

Quickly and easily deploy a family and workforce emergency planning tool that can be updated when needed at no extra cost.
When your employees complete the program, your company can earn a workforce Personal Continuity Certificate, giving you the complete advantage you can use to keep and win more business.
Take your first steps in complying with PS-Prep Law requirements in ways that make sense for you today.


Personal Recovery Concepts is the only system that provides measurable outcomes and ongoing maintenance.

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