Following some recent ISO implementation projects completed by Sally A. Smoczynski, who is a Managing Director of Radian Compliance, LLC, and also a contributing writer for articles on this site, Ms. Smoczynski wanted to share some of the benefits stemming from those implementations with others who might be considering an ISO/IEC  20000-1:2005  implementation for their organization(s).

And, with this time of the year when many companies are reviewing or continuously improving their compliance plans and re-confirming their ability to maintain business information security levels compliant with customer and regulatory requirements, we also believe that such an offering of pertinent material to the ISO 20000 Standard can be a benefit to those organization(s).

Intending not to bore everyone with too many details of the implementation process, Sally has tried to summarize her findings in a recent publication released by the Radian Complaince team and offered freely to our community of readers.

Click here ISO 20000 Implementation Benefits to view a pdf file of a snapshot of the benefits of implementing ISO 20000.  Although not all inclusive, it provides talking points to get interest and commitment for an ISO 20000 implementation. 

(You may want to utilize the magnification features of this *.pdf file to make your reading a little easier.)

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