With more discussions and awareness now surrounding the topics of e-discovery, privacy rights, information security and regulatory compliance regarding corporate security, we wanted to bring our reader’s attention to an interesting blog entry that was posted earlier this year.

The content of this entry was written and posted by Debra Logan, a member of the Gartner blog network and was entitled, “What Is Information Governance? And Why Is It So Hard?”

If your company is just now dealing with and trying to write policies and procedures around the information security concerns in company e-mail activities, then this article will give you some insight as to how the term “governance” fits and addresses current management needs for information security compliance within organizations.

We suggest reading more about this topic of information governance and passing this information along to your organization’s risk management and information security specialists and team members.

Even if information security and management of privacy rights for your company’s email activities is not a problem or concern today, we think it might well be in the future,  if the current trends of regulatory compliance continue to increase over the next several months…..

Click here to read the full article.

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