As we begin 2010, and as management commissions reviews, updates and continuous improvement in their organizational business continuity plans, you may want to recommend that your risk management and information security team leaders look to their local state agencies for ideas to improve their own organization’s preparedness capabilities.

If your organization is located in or does business in Illinois, then you may want to stay in touch with a recently launched campaign designed to focus on different aspects of preparedness during 2010.  This year long preparedness campaign is called the “12-Month Preparedness Campaign”.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) Director Andrew Velasquez III states that IEMA will focus on a different preparedness topic each month in 2010.  Directions on assembling a disaster supply kit and information about family emergency plans are two of the subjects that will be featured during January.

Other topics to be addressed during the year-long campaign include home preparedness, workplace preparedness, earthquake preparedness, children and preparedness, weather-related preparedness, cyber security,  and preparedness for people with functional needs.

For more details, check out the website.

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