The importance of tabletop exercises in the business continuity planning process has been emphasized by many postings on this website.  And, where small and mid-sized entities are involved, it is often very difficult to get the necessary resources organized to deliver a meaningful and effective business continuity plan desktop exercise. 

It is with this thought in mind that our staff is please to bring your attention to the fact that recently, FEMA’s Private Sector Division posted a new community level Tabletop Exercise — the third in its series of free tools for continuity planning, preparedness and resiliency. 

The first two exercises offered tips on employee preparedness and emergency planning at the organizational level.  This new one builds on that design, and has a broader community-wide scope that you can use in coordination with your local emergency management partners. 

We are certain that this new community level tabletop exercise will be a well-used addition to your library reference and resource for your business continuity, disaster preparedness and even PS-Prep strategy planning team members in your organization. 

Click here to access this community level critical power failure tabletop exercise.

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