As part of this website’s mission to keep our readers current on developments concerning business continuity and compliance related topics, this posting will focus on the emergency or crisis communication and management aspects of an organization or communities’ continuity plan.

Emergency management and first responder disaster recovery team members rely on receiving current notices of disaster related events such as when a tornado leaves a path of destruction or a fire engulfs a home.  And most likely, today, you can be sure that citizens with a cellphone camera will capture pictures of that disaster and post them to Facebook, Twitter or send it to the media for immediate publication on the internet.

However, those citizens have not been able to easily send images and details of what disaster is unfolding to the people who need it most: the emergency dispatchers, police, firefighters and building-security people who must respond, and whose ability to help is often measured in minutes, if not seconds.

That situation may all change now with the introduction of a new smartphone app called ELERTS™.

Read more  about this emergency reporting service app, which is the brainchild of Chris Russo, deputy fire chief in the coastal town of Hull, Mass., and a 25-year veteran of emergency response, and visit their website.

Additional related reading material on this app:

“With Elerts, Emergency Broadcasts Go Digital” by Matthes Battles, FAST COMPANY

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