Bureau of Indian AffairsNative American Indians are just as susceptible as any other Americans to disasters and emergencies —and given many of the recent comments coming from our readers — there is a strong indication that our staff needs to be more responsive to the needs of our Native American Indians — especially when it comes to preparing for, surviving and recovering from a disaster or emergency situation or related incident.

In fact, as the large majority of American Indians live on tribal lands located very often far away from urban centers there can be a strong potential for these communities to be more susceptible —thus an even stronger argument for emergency preparedness training and awareness in those communities.

To address this point, our staff would like to post some important links and updated information about available resources as well as commit to placing future postings on this website regarding this important issue.

Ready Indian Country

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, works with tribal leaders and officials in many ways and with many offerings to help Native American communities prepare for and recover from natural and man-made disasters. 

Each tribal government should develop its own plan for emergencies or disasters, and your elected tribal leaders should always be asked about the plan for your community.

The listing of geographically located resource links below will allow you to access information from the tribal governments where you live and work:

Another helpful resource is the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) — which promotes — to all eligible tribes and native organizations —   self-sufficiency and self-preservation efforts for Native Americans by providing discretionary grant funding for community based projects and training and technical assistance related to disaster preparedness and programs to eligible tribes and native organizations.

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The goal of Ready Indian Country is to collaborate with tribal governments to build emergency management capability and partnerships to ensure continued survival of Tribal nations and communities.

Check out the following links for additional information to access training and awareness programs for Tribal Representatives:

Hopefully, this information will be a useful starting point in building or improving upon the existing disaster preparedness levels in our tribal community …and, if you would, please share any other resource(s) links you can with our readership.

Thank you.

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