What is the lesson?

As Tony Bradley states in a recent article, “… Basically, it boils down to the Boy Scout maxim “be prepared”. Your government may not stoop to the sort of draconian tactics being used by the government of Egypt, and you may have very little concern about a state-sponsored Internet blackout, but that doesn’t mean that your Internet access can’t be interrupted. Regardless of whether your loss of communications is a result of a nefarious government blackout, a catastophic natural disaster, or simple human error, if it happens what will your “Plan B” be?”

This article was recently posted on the PCWorld website, and, while this is not the first time such an event has affected an organization’s resilience and ability to keep its doors open for business, it remains a strong reminder for many of the business continuity and risk management planners to evaluate the levels and probabilities of similar threats to their own organizations, and propose, test and adopt appropriate risk mitigation responses to such disruptive events.  And of course, this is the case also for having indirect supply chain management issues related to business in Egypt as well.  And for many private sector businesses in the United States who do business in Egypt, this is a reminder to focus more efforts on emplimenting one of the standards recommended by the PS-Prep program.

Again as Mr. Bradley asks, “. Are there alternate systems or methods of conducting business that you can fall back on until the issue is resolved? Do you have a plan for addressing the issue and working to restore access as soon as possible? Will you just pack up and go home and hope for the best?

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