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In response to a few recent inquiries and comments from readers working in the educational field, and, in particular for those readers working in a university campus information security department, who requested that more discussions and information be presented on the topic of e-discovery relevant to a university campus environment, our staff would like to present a listing of recent postings and articles addressing this growing dynamic within the “discovery” process itself.

Dian Schaffhauser, a writer who covers technology and business related topics for a number of various publications, has recently written and posted an article entitled “An e-Discovery Primer”  — and, this information may be a great reference resource to offer anyone who wants to learn the basics of e-Discovery.

To this point, it is also important to realize that the “discovery” process is neither something new nor is this process limited to the digital era.  As Seth Gilbertson, associate counsel for the State University of New York states, “…discovery is the process of saving and producing records and other evidence pertaining to an activity that may be the subject of litigation.”

If applicable, or even if you are new to the discussions and risk mitigation potentials embedded in the e-discovery process, click here  to read Schaffhauser’s full article.

E-Discovery Guideline and Toolkit offering posted on the EDUCAUSE website presents e-discovery issues for universities to consider.

E-Discovery Trends: Potential ESI Sources Abound in Penn State Case” by Doug Austin

E-Discovering Reference” article by Spolanka

School districts wrestling with ABCs of electronic discovery, compliance” by Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer

“Hey @wfryer looking for the 411 on eDiscovery: (your wiki) Bottom line: do schools have to archive STUDENT email?”

The E-Discovery Question   — Don’t panic over the new regulations, but make sure your school’s policy is clear.

If applicable, please add your inputs, comments and experiences of e-discovery challenges you might have had to face in your university campus environment.

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