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On May 24th this website posted an article entitled “e-Discovery Preparedness — Next BP Test of Readiness” under our Regulatory Compliance category , and, as further follow-up to the largest U.S. oil spill incident encountered to date, we would like to turn the attention of our readers to a recent article written by Amy Miller, entitled, ““To preserve and collect” – BP oil spill a discovery nightmare for lawyers.”

The reason we chose this article and the reason we are tracking the e-Discovery activities related to the BP oil spill disaster is that many of our readers have concerns over e-Discovery and the potential requirements that may be affecting their own organizations as more case history is developed in this area of potential corporate risk litigation rulings.  We believe this article presents many of the underlying issues surrounding the legal discovery and legal hold requirements and thus is a good learning curve read related to e-Discovery.

We certainly agree with those potential concerns and believe that by keeping on top of the e-Discovery related developments and requirements of BP and any other companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, we will be offering our readers a case study for others to follow and hopefully gain knowledge that could be transferred directly to risk management, information security, compliance risk and compliance audit team members in their organizations.  This information should also help the writing of compliance plans, contingency plans, information security assessment processes, and information security policies in general.

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