For many business continuity and risk management planning teams, the topic of e-Discovery remains at least a potential threat consideration in their business impact analysis exercises.  And if your organization considers e-discovery related activities relevant to potential legal hold litigation risk mitigation challenges or opportunities, then the recent controversy over e-discovery certification is a topic to be followed for all the e-discovery workers in your organization.

The core of the controversy lies in the fact that critics claim that there are many certification and exam program offerings out there targeting the most vulnerable members of the legal community, while advocates and promoters of certification courses and tests feel strongly that such actions are a step in the right direction so as to provide better education and standards to improve the capabilities of the e-discovery workforce.

On this August edition of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay, the editor of Law Technology News, discusses this controversy with attorney Patrick Oot of Washington D.C.’s  eDiscoveryInstitute, and Albert Barsocchini, a San Francisco-based e-discovery consultant.

To listen to this discussion, you have several options:

  3. iTunes website by searching the iTunes store for podcasts under the topic search of ‘lawtechnologynews’…..

If applicable, please pass this information along to those e-Discovery, information security or risk management team members in your organization.

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