To help supply chain vendors as well as users, in general, to explore the five pillars of  The Department of Defense’s (DoD) cyber strategy —i.e. (a) treating cyberspace as an operational domain; (b) employing new defense operating concepts; (c) partnering with the public and private sector (PS-Prep Program); (d) building international partnerships; and (e) leveraging talent and innovation — a new website was recently launched at the following web address .

If your organization is a contracted resource within the supply chain of related vendors to the DoD, then this new website is a must visit to receive a more clear understanding of how cyberspace will play into the strategic and operational relationships between DoD and its contracted suppliers and also to view other additional content such as news items, press releases, and video of discussions on cybersecurity.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this important DoD resource of information, and also its new Defense Industrial Base Cyber Pilot program which was released on June 16, 2011.

Also be sure to check out the available links to such sites as the “White House Cybersecurity Website”  where you are able to learn more about and view related videos of our President and the National Security Council’s overall view of cybersecurity:

What It Is About

Why It Is Important

What Must Be Done

Near Term Action

If applicable, please pass this on to those information security, risk management or cyber security strategists in your organization.


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