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by: Ben J. Carnevale, Editor

Several readers of this website have asked our staff to assist them in providing information to assist their training efforts to demonstrate the wide variety of forms that crisis and disaster can take, and, at the same time, help them dispel the misconception that disasters rarely happen —therefore, making the jobs of emergency planning and crisis management teams easier to engage upper management’s involvement and support.

Business continuity planning and disaster preparedness professionals know all too well that while our memories of the last major disaster may fade rapidly — the fact of the matter is that disasters actually happen with surprisingly tragic regularity.

To answer this request, our staff would like to recommend viewing a recent video that should be added to all emergency planning and/or training repertoire of presentation materials.  That video was recently produced by the Emergency Planning College and the video is entitled, “Out of a Clear Blue Sky”.

The Emergency Planning College (EPC) is an educational enterprise located in the U.K., and is positioned at the heart of U.K. Government, within the Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) of the Cabinet Office.

The EPC provides a wide range of dynamic and diverse training courses, seminars and workshops for public and private sector clients across the UK and overseas. The EPC also offers a wide range of real-time simulation exercises enabling organizations and municipalities to fully test their emergency plans while gaining invaluable ‘real-life’ experience in dealing with a major incident.

The hope of EPC in producing this video is that by reminding people of the disasters and crises of the past we can be better prepared for those of the future.

Our hope in sharing this information with our readers is that we too will help our readers be better prepared for future disasters or disruptive incidents or events when (not if) they occur.

This video can be viewed either in a YouTube LINK or a LINK to EPC’s website.

As always, we welcome your comments and inputs on this important issue.

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