In a recent article written by Daniel Diermeier, posted on the Forbes website and entitled “Every Disaster is an Opportunity You Must Seize”, we are shown that there is an opportunity to be seized by looking beyond a disaster’s most obvious —i.e. the vast levels of human suffering, how public risk perception can shift dramatically toward panic or the business continuity issues ranging from safety of a company’s workers to supply chain interruptions.

What might not be as evident is that natural disasters also present opportunities for companies to create goodwill, both in their communities and with the general public.

As Mr. Diermeier states, “The leaders of companies need to realize that any major crisis will put them on stage, with the public paying close attention. Anything they do–or don’t do–will likely be remembered for a long time. Leaders with a keen sense of crisis management will recognize these opportunities and seize the moment.”

Read more about this position and the examples Mr. Diermeier uses to prove his point.

These examples can also represent potential options, where applicable, to be included in the disaster recovery or preparedness components in an organization’s business continuity plan.

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