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In response to some inquiries from our readers asking for assistance for families to prepare and be ready for emergencies, our staff recommends a viewing of the Sesame Workshop Let’s Get Ready website.

Recently, the Sesame Workshop group, along with its project partners, created a series of instructional and training videos — one of which is called “Let’s Get Ready!  Planning Together for Emergencies. ™”

Other preparedness “tool kits” vidoes offered on this site include:

  1. “Talk, Listen, Connect” – Resources and support for the special challenges faced by military families.
  2. “Hurricane Kit” – Get tips and activities to help children cope with the aftermath of a hurricane or other natural disaster.
  3. “Lead Away” – It’s easier than you think to prevent lead poisoning.  Get quick tips and fun activities to help children avoid lead poisoning….

Click here  to review this valuable awareness and training resource to assist your family’s ability to be ready for and to better survive a potential disaster.

Please let our readership and your community (including other families with small children) know if you found this site helpful and would recommend it as a family disaster preparedness resource.

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