Can a gaming environment teach people what to do in the event of a sudden natural disaster?

We may soon find the answer to that question when the results of a recent project started by a group of Seattle-based developers are released in a working demo of a disaster relief game that really could save your life.

That’s the logic behind GameSave, a month-long, open source hack-a-thon during which teams of game developers and emergency relief professionals compete against each other to create a complete game concept and working demo aimed at an aspect of disaster relief.

This project is sponsored by Geeks Without Bounds, a “not-for-profit alliance of hackers, coders and geeks united by the common goal of assisting communities in distress,” and gaming website Gameranx .

The project was inspired primarily by this year’s Pacific earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan and will hopefully, be just one of many effective educational tools of disaster preparedness for individuals, organizations, a communities and the nation as a whole.

Click here to read more about this potential successful marriage of emergency education development and classic hack-a-thon teams, in an article written by Jared Keller and posted on the Atlantic website.

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