In Washington, cybersecurity related issues have become, more than ever before, an area where the Obama Administration seeks ways to do a better job of addressing threats from cybercrime, cyberterrorism or cyberspying.  On an international level, it appears that key collaboration between countries is being explored as a defensive option to better secure “information security” objectives on the internet. Meanwhile, in the private sector, companies are staffing up on cybersecurity experts, with contractors identifying the issue as a key area of potential growth, especially for the public sector.

To this poing, Jessica Herrera Flanigan has written an article summarizing her observations on this topic entitled, “Cyber Attention: Why Now?”  Her style of questioning a variety of potential reasons for this happening poses an interesting read on this complex topic.

While forcing you to look into the reasons why more attention is being given to cybersecurity issues today, you may have a potential reading resource to add to those information security team members in your organization.

Click here to read Ms. Flanigan’s article to begin your journey of keeping up with the dynamics of the challenging world of cybersecurity.

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