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Recently our staff has been receiving requests for more information regarding defense strategies, cybersecurity monitoring tools, and just general direction as to where to go to direct in-house CIO and information security professionals so that they can validate and continually update and improve their risk mitigation strategies regarding cyber security related incidents, threats and events.

In response, our staff would like to direct you to a recent article posted on the CWZ website.  This posted cyber security tools list for 2012 provides some unique elements, such as;

  1. Rather than listing the paid security solutions normally provided on other websites, this list offers cybersecurity related tools for FREE, and
  2. This list is well organized to help you find the right tool for the right job.

To assist our own staff’s efforts to continually improve its offerings to our readership, please let us know how this list compares to your own, and, if you have a cybersecurity tool that needs to be added to this list, please share it with our community of readers.

Click here to read the full posting and view the complete list.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those cyber-security, information security and network and privacy control team members in your organization.   IF you are part of a private sector company, you also might want to pass this info along to members of your PS-Prep strategy planning team. Thank you.

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