The British Standards Institute (BSI), has created an online resource to help organizations learn more about Business Continuity Management (BCM) and can be viewed by clicking on the following website:

While the website has been live for several months, we realized from our internal marketing discussions that many of our readers may have not yet taken advantage of this free online BCM information source, and it might be time to remind our readers again of this valuable BCM resource.

While BSI certainly emphasizes its internationally recognized BCM standard BS 25999 on this website, it should be pointed out that this website does also offer a more general resource of information, website links, publications and webinars regarding business continuity, and, should be added to your organization’s resource library of required reading by all members of its business continuity and risk management teams.

Please let us know if you could suggest other additional reading and reference resources that we could pass along to our BC community of readers.

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