For any of our readers who are struggling with their ability to embrace their company wiki, we recommend reading a recent article written by Ann All, and posted on the IT Business Edge website.  We also think there is an implied message in this article regarding the potential for a company wiki to play in its crisis management and disaster recovery planning strategy.

As business continuity and disaster recovery planning managers seek new technology to assist the achievement of their strategic, operational and crisis management goals, the use of the company wiki is a methodology that should not be overlooked.  While promoted primarily as a collaborative tool for improving business processes, we believe that there may well be a hidden opportunity to expand the value of a company wiki to be a potential additional communication channel in a crisis management or disaster recovery situation.

By better understanding if and how a company wiki can potentially add value to your crisis management or disaster recovery plan, your risk management team members can then evaluate if and how a company wiki might help achieve their risk management goals and objectives.  We believe that the information Ann All shares in her article may start that thinking process.

And, in any case, this article is a good candidate to place in the resource libraries of your business continuity and risk management team members.

This internet posting can be viewed as a slideshow to receive a quick run-through of pointers Ann culled out of her research, or you can read Ann All’s full post entitled “Why Aren’t More of Us Using Wikis?

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