By: Ben J. Carnevale

In support of our staff’s efforts to further expand on the topic of the most recognized certifiable standard related to private security companies — ANSI/ASIS PSC.1 – 2012: Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations — this posting will introduce and offer our readers additional information and a beginning of a series of steps in the process of bringing a private security company (PSC) into compliance with and/or certification to this standard.

One of our contributing writers on this topic– Lisa DuBrock CPA, CBCP, MBCI, MBA– Managing Partner of Radian Compliance, LLC – was asked for her suggestions as to how to begin this process, and she recommended that part of that learning process might well begin with getting in touch with a Certification Body (CB) organization accredited to assist private security companies and private security contractors in that learning process.

DuBrock also stated “….that in so doing, that PSC will begin the crucial process of better understanding the PSC.1 standard, perhaps performing an internal gap analysis to determine where that PSC stands regarding the requirements of the PSC.1 standard, and then honestly evaluating the benefits, costs, opportunities and challenges needed to complete the full requirements for compliance or certification to that standard.”

DuBrock suggested getting in touch with one of the approved and accredited CB’s for the PSC.1 standard to begin that process.

To that point, our staff would like to introduce the company MSS GLOBAL to our readers.

Click here for more information and details regarding their status as a CB focused on Security Management Systems and how they can assist your efforts to become compliant with or certified to the PSC.1 standard.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those security management system team members in your organization.

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