As we begin 2010, some things will remain constant: (1)  we must make business continuity a part of every organization’s strategic planning process and (2) the Internet will continue to grow as an important channel of distribution for every organization’s information, product and service requirements.

To offer some valuable insight into how the Internet evolved and where it might be going, and how this information may be important to business continuity planning, we would like you to read a recent article written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan, posted on the NetworkWorld website, and entitled ” 2020 Vision: Why You Won’t Recognize the ‘Net in 10 Years“. 

In this article, she points out that “… while there are many views about how to fix the Internet’s architecture, there is a widespread agreement about many aspects of the future Internet.”  Building on the areas of agreement over the future of the Internet, she then expands those topics within her article and the links she offers to support her statements.

With that in mind, a summary of her predictions for the Internet in 2020 are as follows:

1.  More people will use the Internet

2.  The Internet will be more geographically dispersed.

3.  The Internet will be a network of things, not computers.

4.  The Internet will carry exabytes – perhaps zettabytes – of content.

5.  The Internet will be wireless.

6.  More services will be in the cloud.

7.  The Internet will be greener.

8.  Network management will be more automated.

9.  The Internet won’t rely on always-on connectivity.

10.The Internet will attract more hackers.”

From this vision, it is also important to consider that the future Internet may be in a format that we may not recognize, and, therefore, many of the points raised in this article become interesting considerations for our business continuity and risk management teams to at least note for monitoring in the future.

Another interesting slide show presentation cited in the article involves the evolution of the Internet (CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS PRESENTATION). 

For more details on the 2020 prediction points for the Internet listed above, CLICK HERE to see a relevant slide show presentation about those predictions.  

We are certain that the Internet will continue to play an important role in every organization’s risk management and compliance plan efforts both now and well into the future.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments on this most important topic.

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