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As part of our staff’s efforts to stay in touch with our readership, a constant watchful eye is kept on continuity and compliance related content published on the internet – e.g. business continuity, disaster preparedness, emergency management and other related websites of consultants and/or LinkedIn groups, associations, educational training and awareness publications, etc.

During that process, our staff came across an interesting series of postings apropos to the Christmas and Holiday season – i.e. an exercise to find song titles related to the topics of disasters, business continuity, emergency and/or crisis management, disaster recovery teams, etc., where like-minded attendees might want to add some audio entertainment to their holiday meetings this year.   This activity was originally posted on BCMIX (Business Continuity Management Information eXchange) LinkedIn website (free registration required), and, was a posting that was very interesting and fun to observe, but, also, one that might be interesting to our readers.

Some of the titles (along with their YouTube links) presented were:

“Risky Business” by the Tangerine Dream

“Hurricane” by Bob Dylan

“Get Ready” by Rare Earth

“Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis

“Here Comes the Flood” by Peter Gabriel

“Taking Care of Business” by BTO

“Flirting with Disaster”  by Molly Hatchet

“Staying Alive” by the Bee Gee’s

“When Disaster Strikes” by Busta Rhymes

“Can’t Happen Here” by Rainbow

“Light My Fire” by the Doors

“We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by the Animals

“Distant Early Warning” by Rush

“Disaster” by MCFrontalot

“Crash” by the Primitives

“Shelter from the Storm” by Bob Dylan

“Evacuate the Dance Floor” by Cascada

“Don’t Stop Moving” by Soul II Soul


“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” by Dr. Elmo

Our staff presents this information as part of our holiday “gift” to our readers and hopes that many of our readers found this information useful and interesting enough to perhaps; (1) pass it along to others, and/or (2) search out more information about this BCMIX group.

If you have other suggested titles to add to this list, please share them with our readers….Happy Holidays!!

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