Many questions come to this website concerning the request to be kept current regarding ongoing developments on international business continuity standards.  To that point and in a recent article written by David Adamson, entitled, “Ensuring Continuity with BS 25999 and ISO 9001”, and posted on the IRCA e-zine Inform website, we find a well written summary about the business continuity management standards currently in development along with additional information to answer that request.

The focus of Mr. Adamson’s article certainly establishes the strong influence that BS 25999 has played in the past as well as will play in the future regarding business continuity management systems… in fact, Mr. Adamson states that, “…BS 25999 and other documents, including ISO 31000 on risk, NFPA 1600 on disaster/emergency management, and ANSI/ASIS SPC 1 on organizational resilience have been referenced when developing the new international business continuity standards, ISO 22399 and ISO 22301.”

While decisions are still a long way from being finalized about this topic, this article would be good reading for those members of management in your organization who are responsible for keeping business continuity compliance and risk management team members up to date on recent developments and progress in this area.

Click here to read Mr. Adamson’s full article.

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