As we move into 2010, our group would like to point out a useful resource that should be added to your organization’s security and privacy resource reading list. 

As your risk management and information security planning teams get ready for 2010, we suggest using this resource as a reference base and tool to quickly raise their awareness levels to the current critical security and privacy issues affecting business in general.  And from that awareness, that team will be better able to evaluate and prioritize those risks identified with their organization into mitigation tasks for them to address over time.  

An example of some of the security and privacy challenges to address for businesses are stated in this document as follows,

      Customer and business ID theft

      Noncompliance with federal and state data protection laws

      Employee fraud and theft

      Loss of trust and customers

      Costly lawsuits stemming from sloppy security practices

      Computer and hardware damage from viruses

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers such a resource in a guideline titled “Security & Privacy – Made Simpler” — and, best of all, it is a free offering available to all businesses.

You can download this resource by either viewing the BBB website directly or viewing the actual guideline document itself (CLICK HERE).

Please let our community know if this document is a valuable resource for your information security and risk managmement teams.

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