The best asset management software tracks and analyzes an asset from beginning to end. It’s a valuable tool for businesses, organizations or private individuals who have a number of asset-based holdings. Furthermore, you can swiftly locate any asset and follow its evolution to make real-time business decisions.

Here are seven of the best software options that will handle this important responsibility. The list will show asset management software alternatives, in a certain order. In other words, we will begin with the best value and continue further to the more expensive packages. Each software choice will include its main attributes. Hence, these qualities will show why platforms presented below are some of the best choices for an asset management tool.

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1: Snipe-IT

The first appealing alternative for the best asset management software is a free open source software. Since it is free to use, that is the first beneficial feature. Snipe-IT is simple to use. Moreover, it accomplishes the most important aspect of asset tracking, which is keeping everything in one place.

It includes these distinctive features, beyond the no-cost appeal. These useful features earned it strong consideration as one of the best asset management software that is free.

a. Location and Accessibility

Snipe-IT allows you to trace the source of every asset within a portfolio. Furthermore, you can search by assigned criteria, who owns the asset and where it’s located.

b. Custom Fields

Users can customize Snipe-IT using custom attributes for any number of individual asset characteristics.

c. Easily Integrates

You will be able to instantly integrate Snipe-IT with mostly any handheld barcode scanner code-reading app.

2: GLPi

This is one of the few free alternatives for the best asset management software that incorporates an administrative- interface. Also, GLPi contains special tools to compose a detailed database for a large company or simply trace inventory for a small, private business owner.

Its focus is primarily centered on making asset management for administrators and managers of any size company easy. This way, you can make sure to comply with the asset management software best practices.

a. Modern Calendar

Over the 13 years it’s been in existence, GLPI has consistently endeavored to make the changes the users requested. With version 9.1, developers designed a modern calendar view for assets based on the Infotel model.

b. Integrated with IT

While the best asset management software alternatives focus heavily on individual assets, coordinating with an IT team can be valuable. Also, GLPi offers the perfect tool for work coordination of projects with your IT asset team.

c. Multiple Entities Management

This feature works in conjunction with the multiple user tools. Furthermore, you will be able to track assets across multiple criteria such as structure, location, plus attach each asset to a list of users.

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3: SysAid

SysAid is one of the best asset management software choices, which also provides a graduated price structure for premium upgrades. If you feel the free version doesn’t have enough tools to manage your needs, you can choose two affordable upgrades, SysAid Cloud or SysAid On-Premise.

a. Free Version Limitations

The free SysAid asset management software supports two users, 100 total assets, along with 100 end users. Each upgrade adds to these features, with the highest level, providing unlimited restrictions on all these criteria.

b. Remote Control Access

The SysAid software provides you with remote control access for all devices within your network. At the same time, you can schedule automatic notifications of asset changes and instantly generate management reports.

c. Help Desk Software

You can choose the free version if it contains the features you need or begin a free trial for some more elaborate features. So, no matter where you want to start, this best asset management software option immediately connects you with outstanding help desk software for support.

4: Series5000 Real Asset Management

Series5000 is the first of the best management software solutions that require you to dedicate financial resources to use their tools. This is the first in the list that clearly supports the ideology, “you get what you pay for.”

Series5000 uses fixed asset auditing software that helps protect against stolen or lost assets while enhancing the accuracy of financial data.

a. Specific Asset Tracking

This is an excellent source for asset management software tools. There is a distinctly unique addition, which you can use for specific asset tracking.

b. Controlled Access

With Series5000, you can limit user access to only those parties who you wish to have authorization. This is a recommended feature for companies facing frequent audits.

c. Import & Export Control

You can save time and money using a direct export/import feature to smoothly transfer any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This not only saves time, but it also ensures data quality.

5: ManagerPlus

ManagerPlus uses the simple symbol M+ for their simplified asset management software. The software system allows you to track assets and tie these in with work orders or project schedules. Since it has many standard maintenance tools, it is especially useful for companies that require machinery upkeep, or building management.

a. Critical Data Tracking

Manager Plus reports costs, tracks operations, and follows parts warranties throughout their lifespan. Simply put, this helps you get the most out of many of your fixed assets like machinery.

b. Maintenance Operations

The software has automatic tracking capabilities for maintenance needs, following up with an inspection history that provides the automatic distribution of work orders.

c. Video Demonstration & Quick Quote

ManagerPlus does offer potential users a detailed video that shows different aspects of their software. Moreover, they don’t require registration for a trial period since they provide price quotes in only a few minutes.

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6: AssetWin

AssetWin is the trademark asset management tracking software for AssetSystems. They are an award-winning software system that uses an integrated mobile concept so it will work on any device. Also, AssetSystems software is the choice of some of the largest, most well-known corporations in the world.

a. Device Flexibility

AssetWin works with all Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. This gives your administrators and management personnel the ability to work with your asset software from anywhere in the world.

b. Mobile Functionality

It wouldn’t serve you well to have the ability to employ your software on any device if the tracking wasn’t consistently in real-time. AssetWin allows you to track assets from anywhere and at any time.

c. Complete Training & Guidance

To generate the acclaim of high-profile corporations, AssetWin needed to have one of the most complete and extensive training and guidance setups of the best asset management software choices. They may have the absolute best training module.

7: MaxPanda

The final consideration in a list of the best asset management software options must include MaxPanda. They are one of the few alternatives that openly list a price structure.

You can begin with a 14-day free trial, or immediately register for their affordable $29/month basic plan. They have zero setup fees and are one of the more open asset management software packages available.

a. Mobile Scanning

Even the basic package from MaxPanda will allow you to scan barcodes and QR codes automatically with any handheld device.

b. Cloud Management

MaxPanda works in conjunction with Amazon Web Services to offer you the convenience of a centralized way to manage all your assets, including workflow.

c. Invoice Management

All your staff and any vendor can create a digital invoice to assign work orders. They can also upload photographs, documents, or purchase orders.

Bottom Line

All the listed options for the best asset management software choices post a free trial alternative. This is important information since the actual pricing structure requires you to enter into a temporary arrangement with them.

The free versions also require some commitment on the part of the business or organization to open up their pricing structure. In conclusion, these are the seven most trusted asset management software choices. Moreover, each has its own series of qualities that you should more than suitable for your needs.

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