Protecting your business from cyber attacks is more important than ever. A growing number of computer and network hacks are exposing companies and customers to the dangerous power of professional hackers. As a result, you need to consider the best antivirus for business needs. These programs can be installed on your computers and your network to shield them from invasions.

Many different considerations must be made before choosing the best antivirus for business protection. We have researched several companies and their products to compile a list of the best possible choices for your needs. Each mini-review will detail the advantages and disadvantages of a piece of software.

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The Top Six Best Antivirus for Business Programs

When reading through this list of the best antivirus for business, make sure to pay attention to the features of each product. Most of them should have similar levels of protection and similar protection concepts and programs that make them easier to understand. However, others may have more specific advantages that suit specific businesses.

1. Symantec Endpoint Protection

The first thing that puts Symantec on our list of the best antivirus for business is the fact that it works for Windows, Macs, and Linux computers. Other antivirus programs may be limited to just one operating system. Another thing we like about this product is that you can buy a standard license for up to three years for up to 350 different computers and users.

It has a broad variety of incredible protection and security options, including behavior monitoring, intrusion protection, and detection of undiscovered viruses. The sole problem with Symantec Endpoint Protection is that you’re going to be paying a lot more money for this program than others. However, the level of protection you receive is genuinely high.

2. Avast Endpoint Protection Advanced

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Avast Endpoint Protection offers a variety of features that make it useful for businesses. For example, it has a core program that provides antivirus protection, browsing protection, and remote management of your PC needs. If you buy the Advanced version, you will enjoy the added benefit of a firewall, a spam filter, and server protection to keep away hackers from breaking into your system.

Their virus blocking is nearly 100 percent effective and it is considered one of the best essential solutions. That said, those who want a more detailed and adaptable antivirus may not appreciate this choice. It is the best antivirus for business if your company isn’t too large or if you don’t need comprehensive and fully optimized protection.

3. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 1.0

Kaspersky is a cybersecurity group that provides shields for PC and mobile devices. Its mobile protection capabilities convinced us to put it on our list of the best antivirus for business needs. These days, a lot of people are doing business on their mobile devices. With iOS and Android protection, your employees and customers are less likely to get hacked on their mobile devices.

This Kaspersky product does lack Mac and Linux support, however, so take that into account before buying. It does have a pretty solid range of user protection (up to 150) and is an excellent choice for large businesses that plan on expanding their network to multiple users.

4. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

What puts this particular antivirus on our list of the best antivirus for business is its adaptability and its detection rates. It is the best software for detecting viruses and other attempts at network invasion. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. When buying a license, you get access to browsing protection, a firewall, device control, and even URL filtering.

The one thing that may deter some from buying a license is its low threshold of users. It is designed for just three to 50 different individuals. While Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security does provide some of the most comprehensive protections available today, that limitation may turn large businesses away from it. Nonetheless, it is perfect for medium-sized companies with staff of modest sizes.

5. Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced 10.6

The reason we chose this particular program for our list of the best antivirus for business products is its lack of signature demands. One thing that can confuse many business antivirus programs is searching for a specific virus signature. This problem slows down the process and makes it less accurate. Instead, this program seeks out any questionable activity and will block it, depending on your settings.

The one problem we found with this program was that it tended to slow down your computer. Businesses with older and slower computers may not appreciate this concern. However, Sophos still provides a high-quality product that a great job keeping your business network from being exploited by scammers and hackers.

6. Avira Antivirus for Endpoint

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Last on our list of the best antivirus for business options is Avira Antivirus for Endpoint. We think it is a great choice for small businesses who want a simple and efficient antivirus program for their computers. One of the most surprising things about this program is that it can be used by up to 10,000 different computers. It provides you with antivirus protection, web filtering, optimization, whitelisting, and blacklisting. You can also manage individual devices.

The downside of this program is that it doesn’t have the kind of adaptability you see in applications with a similar price. However, those programs may not let you protect as many computers. It’s a bit of a balancing game in that way. Make sure to take the time to gauge what option is right for you when purchasing this simple antivirus software.

Final Thoughts

When deciding on the best antivirus for business needs, it is crucial to balance your budget with maximum protection. If the financial possibilities are limited, you will want to pick a program whose offers align with your necessities only.

Do you have any experience with these antivirus programs that are worth sharing? Then please post about it below. We are always willing to listen to our readers and take their considerations and suggestions into account when creating our lists.

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