As a continuation of this website’s coverage of DHS’s recent announcement concerning PS-Prep, we recommend that our readers perhaps revisit or at least become more familiar with the standards adopted for PS-Prep by the Department of Homeland Security.

Of the three standards selected by DHS, the ANSI/ASIS SPC.1-2009 Standard, titled “Organizational Resilience: Security, Preparedness and Continuity Management Systems — Requirements with Guidance for Use,” provides a holistic approach to cost-effectively improve any organization’s resilience and preparedness performance.

Click here   to read more about this standard and follow some of the related links cited in this informational press release by ASIS International and/or Click here to view the recent Homeland Security News Wire press release announcing this DHS adoption of ASIS International’s Organizational Resilience Standard as part of a program designed voluntarily to bolster the resilience of private organizations during man-made and natural disasters and emergencies.

Please pass this information along to the business continuity, PS-Prep Committee, and/or risk management team members in your organization.

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