Lisa DuBrock, CPA, CBCP, MBCI, is a Managing Partner for Radian Compliance, LLC, where she specializes in implementing private security company management system standards as well as information security standards for her clients. She is also a contributing writer to this website.

Given some of the recent comments and questions presented to our staff regarding the steps needed to implement the ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012, Management System for Private Security Operations (soon to be released as a standard under ISO), our staff recommends reading a recent article Lisa wrote – especially if your organization is contemplating or in fact currently taking steps to implement this Private Security Company Quality and Risk Management Standard.

Lisa recently posted her article entitled “Steps to Implement the Private Security Company Quality and Risk Management Standard”, as a guest blogger, on the Human Analytics website.

The Human Analytics group — also a contributing writer to this website – works to help their clients improve organizational performance as well as manage reputational, operational, and legal risks through the development and implementation of human rights policies and best practices at both the corporate and program levels.

Please share your comments on this topic and let our readers know whether or not this article was helpful.  Also, if applicable, pass this information along to those PSC.1 implementation team members in your organization.

Click here to read Lisa DuBrock’s full article.

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