Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) have always been issues strongly supported in the U.K., and, that support has always been promoted and explained by and through the excellent BC/DR related content coverage presented and posted on the website. 

To continue that legacy, the writers of continuitycentral’s website recently asked members of the new Conservative/Liberal Democratic coalition, the following question, “How will the new government approach business continuity and its promotion?”   

Since this website supports such actions and indeed shares similar goals and objectives for the promotion of BC/DR, we support this approach and action, and recommend reading the outcome from their interviews — both to emphasize the real need that BC/DR has for governmental support in any country and for the level of importance that BC/DR related issues should take in such an important election process in any country. 

To read more about the questions asked and the answers received, click here.

Is there a lesson here to be learned ?

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