CLOUD Inc. is the Consortium for Local Ownership and Use of Data, a non-profit organization that has filed for 501(c) (6) status with the IRS and is open to people, companies, and other organizations. CLOUD has been formed to create standards to give people property rights in their personal information on the Web and in the cloud, including the right to decide how and when others might use personal information and whether others might be allowed to connect personal information with identifying information.

The CLOUD website was introduced to our team by one of our contributing writers, and after several internal team meetings and discussions,  we thought it might be of some value to our readers to at least be aware of its existence.

Many postings on this website have tried to address a variety of internet and cybersecurity related privacy issues, but, we believe this CLOUD approach to personal information ownership and privacy status of that information is unique enough to present to our readership for comments and opinions.

Click here to read more about CLOUD and please let us know your thoughts and opinions…..thank you.

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