You can jump start security plans of your organization’s information security preparedness team by having them listen to this year’s one (1) hour Websense® 2014 Security Predictions webcast and report on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. PST.

In 2012. the Websense Security Labs™ researchers accurately predicted: (a) a surge in Java exploits would disrupt operations worldwide, (b) that employees would be besieged by spear-phishing emails and (c) that cybercriminal attacks would use mobile devices more creatively.  They also explained how to prevent cyber-criminals from stealing your organization’s most valuable secrets.
Without giving too much away about the upcoming 2014 Security Predictions report, this webinar will tell you that our research indicates security professionals are in for another bumpy ride in 2014 — and some of the biggest challenges will come from areas where most security providers are not even looking.
Hopefully, this webinar will help your IT disaster preparedness team: (a) review its current defense strategies, (b) will identify security gaps it might be missing, and (c) help direct your team to find, evaluate and implement new safeguards.
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