Recently announced by a team of Virginia Tech researchers, a software application has been created to remotely put smart phones under lockdown.  In other words, smart phones can now be given permission to access sensitive data while in a particular room or location, but, when the smart phones leave that location, the data is completely removed from that smart phone.

The potential uses of such software could be to assist keepers of medical records, parents who want to prevent their kids from “sexting”, or a military officer who could access secret intelligence while visiting a secure government facility without fear that his or her smart phone or tablet might later be lost, stolen or compromised.

The software also enables central control of phone features such as preventing a smart phone’s camera or email from working.

Click here to view a video about this interesting cybersecurity related development.

Click here  to read more about this information security technology breakthru as posted on the website. 

If applicable, please pass this information along to those information security planning, risk management and/or cyber security defense strategy team members in your organization.

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