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Many of our readers are members of business continuity planning teams, and, may likely now be involved setting goals, objectives and budgets for the coming new fiscal year.

To assist in assessing your organization’s current and/or next fiscal year BCM budget, BCM dedicated staffing or to simply get a peer assessment to your industry peer group, our staff recommends a visit to Cheyenne Marling-Haase’s BC Management website.

You can download a complimentary summary copy of the most recent BC Compensation Report for the U.S., reflecting data collected between May-October 2011 with a focus on 2010 compensation levels.   Or simply click here  to read more about this important resource for BC and risk management planning groups.

On this site, you will find that the BC Management’s 2011 study states …” that the average total compensation (base + bonus) for a Business Continuity professional is $114,331 USD. This data point is a positive indicator that things are beginning to improve with regards to compensations in the business continuity profession. Previous study results going back to 2007 reported an average total compensation for (full-time employee) FTE between $100,496 and $101,554. BC Management’s BCM Comprehensive Compensation (Initial Findings) Report also highlighted that there are fewer respondents who indicated a total compensation decrease (33.33% in 2011 compared to 40.73% in 2010).”

How does your organization’s compensation plan compare? 

If applicable, please pass this information along to those BCP, risk management and/or PS-Prep strategy planning team members in your organization.

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