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As many of our readers are aware, Twitter has played a role in global events for years now, from the Arab Spring uprisings to the Occupy Wall Street movement more recently. And there’s the more relevant example in which survivors of the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti used Twitter to raise funds and, in some instances, find survivors among the wreckage.

More recently, it was reported in a posting written by Mike Isaac that, “….. Twitter’s Tokyo team just launched a “Lifeline” feature — a feature that allows users in Japan to more easily locate Twitter accounts that deliver pertinent local information in the case of another disaster.

This “Lifeline” feature, according to Isaac’s posting and a scenario offered from Twitter, would be activated say if an earthquake hit in Yokohama, then, all a user would need to do is type in their postal code on This “Lifeline” feature would then bring up a list of relevant Twitter accounts from local media outlets and utility companies that service residents of that particular area code.

Since Twitter often becomes a de facto lifeline during crises everywhere, we hope to eventually expand this functionality to more locations around the world,” product manager Jinen Kamdar wrote in a company blog post.  Click here to read more….

If applicable, you may want to keep this development in mind and pass it along to those first responder teams and other disaster recovery or disaster preparedness team members where you work or in the community where you live.

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