From all of the articles we review, and from information received from many of our supporters, we believe that 2010 will yet be another year of ongoing threats and data breaches in cyberspace. 

Hopefully, your risk management team members have kept up with the many predictions for what to expect in 2010 regarding security threats to their organizations. 

To perhaps assist that process and compare notes with your information technology specialists and the security systems which they have planned to run without disruption, we offer a recent article written by Anil Mallya and posted on the InformationWeek website.

The article is entitled “The Top 10 Security Threats in Cyberspace”.

As stated in this article, the primary threats faced by Internet user today are:

  1. Malware
  2. The Insider
  3. Security Testing Methodology
  4. Careless Employees
  5. Social Engineering
  6. Mobile Devices
  7. Third Party Application Vulnerabilities and Zero Day Exploits
  8. Cyber Espionage
  9. Cloud Computing Security Threats

      10. Cyber Warfare 

To read the entire article including more details about the list above, CLICK HERE

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