Cyber Risk Management App Offers Help in Keeping Ahead of the Curve in a Rapidly Changing Cyber Threat Landscape

As one of the risk management options mentioned in an earlier cyber insurance related posting on this website, our staff would like to recommend the CyberEdge Mobile App for the iPad to cyber security risk management team members where you work. AIG “Cyber Risk Report 2013 This CyberEdge Mobile App was developed by the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) in response to a recent AIG survey and report, where it was found that 80% of executives and brokers find it very difficult – if not sometimes nearly impossible – to keep pace with defending against and mitigating risk related to cyber … [Read more...]

American Red Cross Mobile App Preparedness Tips

by: Ben J. Carnevale, Contributing Writer For those readers who reside in the path of Hurricane Sandy over the next few days, our staff offers a reminder of the many disaster preparedness mobile apps available from the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross has worked hard in transforming itself for the future – and just a small part of that great effort includes this series of disaster related mobile device applications available to everyone. Please check out the following disaster preparedness and disaster recovery mobile device applications: Hurricane App – this application … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Plan Table Top Exercises

In response to a request by readers asking for access to examples of table top exercises testing business continuity plans, our staff recommends the following: A recent article written by David Geer offers three (3) table top scenarios  addressing; "Chemical Explosion", "Primary Supplier Cannot Deliver"  and  "Angry IT Guy" An older article written by Sarah D. Scalet offers three (3) table top scenarios addressing: "Disgruntled Employee Starts a Data Center Fire", "An Explosion Releases Deadly Toxins" and " Pandemic Flu Hits" The American Bar Association (ABA) Committee on Disaster … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Management: New Report Offers Research Proven Ways to Identify Key Suppliers

A high level of supply chain risk management is often required to support an organization’s resiliency goals and objectives.  And, a large part of every supply chain’s own resiliency capabilities and performance is based on the key suppliers within that supply chain. The Business Continuity Institute is often referenced by our staff because of some of the great reports they produce in the disciplines of business continuity planning, supply chain management and disaster preparedness. Recently a new research report has been published by the Business Continuity Institute’s Partnership … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Plan Organizational Readiness Measurement Offering

Comments and questions regarding measurement of progress made in the business continuity planning process still come to the attention of our staff, and, a recent article written by Lee Glendon, CBCI may offer at least a positive step forward in trying to achieve that measurement process. We believe the point made by Glendon is that while many aspects of dealing with the human side of major disruption are already covered in an organization through health and safety and crisis management (BCMS) procedures ---however, the link between successfully dealing with these issues and still achieving … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Plan Template – A Vital Tool In Business Continuity Planning

What is a Business Continuity Plan Template? Every business, big or small have or should have a business continuity plan in place. This is something that no business should miss because without it, the company is risking the survival of the whole business in the event of a disaster. The inability to keep the computers running because of natural disasters like earthquakes or typhoon is not a good excuse, especially if a client is paying you a lot of money to maintain their servers and database and if you are an Internet services company that require a 24/7 visibility. But for some newly … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the idea behind the Continuity Compliance website? A. Continuity Compliance is an expert or “authority” site dedicated to the areas of Security, Regulatory Compliance, and Business Continuity. Various professionals periodically contribute new material not found elsewhere, to the site. The ambition of the site is to be the first place you go when you have a question about a variety of security, compliance or business continuity topics.  As a community-driven website, the people behind Continuity Compliance are very interested in hearing from you on ways it could be … [Read more...]